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Author of Stuttering Stephen

FRAENDY CLERVAUD is a broadcast journalist and men’s fashion expert. Because of his father's love for politics and their time spent together watching World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Fraendy was inspired to become a journalist. Passionately, he pursued a Telecommunications degree at the University of Florida and then became a General Assignment Reporter in Augusta, GA. He later became a Morning Anchor in Columbia, SC. For more than a decade, Fraendy has interviewed legendary celebrities, countless political figures, and an array of faith leaders. Moreover, he has covered news on the local, state, and international level.

As the author of Stuttering Stephen, Fraendy knows firsthand what stuttering is all about.  For years, he struggled with stuttering and dealt with the embarrassment of people’s judgement and the feeling of inferiority. But he knew that despite his speech impediment, he loved to speak. After many speech sessions, Fraendy was able to function with his stuttering.

In addition to his community influence, Fraendy is known for his style and expertise on men's fashion. In 2014, he started his online fashion movement #TrendyFraendy. This movement

has gained media recognition and sponsorship, while maintaining a huge following.


​Fraendy lives by the verse, “It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure,” found in II Samuel 22:33. His greatest joy is being a husband to his wife and father to his children


You can connect with Fraendy Clervaud on his website at and the following social media sites to learn about his releases and more exciting news:



"Stuttering Stephen touches on the hurtfulness of bullying as well as the power and importance of an engaged father. This book is a treasure that could help untold numbers of youngsters find their figurative pot of gold."
~Chris Broussard
NBA Analyst & Broadcaster
Fox Sports 


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