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"They all practice Voodoo." Haitian Stereotype

"They are all illegal immigrants." Hispanic/Latino Stereotype

"They are all violent." Jamaican Stereotype

Cultural stereotypes tend to perpetuate society when we are ignorant of the actualities of a group of people. Although the claims may have some truth, they are often exaggerated resulting in suspicion, barriers, and prejudice. Through research and first-account cultural interviews, Heritage Accepted: Dispelling Cultural Stereotypes provide readers with information that will help increase cultural awareness. This workbook is filled with cultural texts, built-in assessments, and personal reflections that will assist in developing an unbiased mindset. You will not only learn the origins of cultural stereotypes, its effects, and how it can be combated, but also the realities of 14 countries in the Caribbean. 

Heritage Accepted: Dispelling Cultural Stereotypes

SKU: 37111701
  • Binding: Softcover

    ISBN-13:  978-0-692-96695-2

    Publisher: White Garment Publishing Group, LLC

    Publication Date: December 2017

    Lexile Measure: 860L

    Word Count: 15,662

  • Due to the reproducible nature of this product, all sales are final.

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